V. Valentini Foundation

From Victorio Valentini We are committed to a multitude of causes around the world, therefore, we donate a large part of our profits to various foundations & associations in order to help all those who need it.

Our founder did not have an easy childhood and is aware of the situations that can be experienced, so he always wanted to contribute and help those in need to be able to afford a better life.

In the world every day there are cases that should not happen and each time child poverty continues to increase. Millions of children suffer unfortunately, we want to contribute our grain of sand to Unicef to give them a better life with better conditions.

Victorio Valentini - Fundación

Victorio Valentini wants to change the world by transmitting the necessary values so that together we can win this fight. We are not only talking about child poverty but about many causes that need help to pay for these situations to help those who need it, such as the association AECC.

The Asociation Spanish Against Cancer Keep fighting to try and win this war, battle by battle. Defending all those people against this fight, in order to make society aware of the seriousness of it.

In Victorio Valentini the word surrender does not enter our vocabulary, we are all in this fight, we are not alone. In order to continue with this fight they need all possible medical aid, therefore we donate part of our profits to contribute to the cause.

Victorio Valentini . Fundación

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) helps millions of victims of natural disasters & armed conflicts, without discriminating against sex, race or religion. We want this heartbreaking news to end. We are with you. 

We are always talking about helping all those who need our help but we never talk about protecting the planet we live on, therefore, we are committed to making this a better world by helping the association of WWF.

Dreams are achieved by fighting and striving every day for what one wants, in this way we want to help all those people who are struggling to achieve their dream and to be able to make a future out of it as we have achieved.

Olympus Foundation helps by offering scholarships to those who want to have a reverse life in the world of sports and cannot afford it. 

Victorio Valentini It started with the same enthusiasm as each of them, it is not easy to reach the goal. Let's start like this, from a simple thought to an unprecedented reality.

Our objetive? We want to fulfill dreams and make them unforgettable experiences.

Because helping those in need is not only part of duty, but also of happiness.