Victorio Valentini - The Founder.

"Welcome to my legacy.

For years I kept this secret in the depths of my heart, I kept an idea, a life project.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Victorio Valentini And I am pleased to announce the global launch of my legacy, hardened for years, it was time to come to light.

I present them Victorio Valentini®, a jewelery brand with an Italian essence where it offers commitment, elegance & purity.

Throughout my life I have felt infinite sensations and emotions ... but without a doubt, never anything compared to the feeling of seeing your legacy grow and mature together with your family, to which I must thank unconditionally for their help, since without her it would never have been possible to carry it out.

Thanks to my grandchildren, who trusted their grandfather and helped me feel alive."

El Fundador - Victorio Valentini

In 1936 he was born Victorio Valentini in Rome, Italy. Our current & sole founder. Winning the hearts of all of us throughout his days until today. 

His arrival in Spain in his old age allowed him to reconnect with his grandchildren, that is, the current leaders of Victorio Valentini®, under the supervision of our founder.

Thanks to them, Victorio Valentini was able to capture his legacy for the rest of history, transmitting his experience, charisma & essence to the rest of the world, doing what he loves most, designing and capturing elegance in its purest form, creating a unique jewelry brand based on its knowledge & experiences.

Let him tell us where this story goes.

El Fundador - Victorio Valentini

"Knowing that your soul is embodied in what you love the most is similar to having the fountain of youth in your power.

There is no immortality, there is what they will say and in the legacy you leave when you leave for another life ... an additional condition to make your dreams come true.

I remember when I was working as a young man in a jewelry store in Rome, however ...

Do you know what I remember even more? The infinity of nights I spent awake thinking about how to make my dream come true, sheets & sheets full of scribbles at the expense of knowing the difficulty of carrying it out ...

Exhausted from knowing that I was trapped in my time, without the resources or enough technology to make it happen ... time put everything in its place, where today, what could not be, is & will be, pleases me announce that I leave my legacy in the hands of my family, my years of knowledge & life.

All of this summarized in an infinity of scribbles that have always accompanied me throughout history.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like you to take note of this moment, that enjoy my legacyEnjoy my ideas, feel what I always wanted to convey, from elegance and glamor, I offer you with unique pieces of Gold, Silver & Platinum, because as an old Chinese proverb says:

- "Gold cannot be pure, and people cannot be perfect."

Thus Victorio Valentini®, it will make you feel unique & unique wherever you go, enjoy & live each moment from the maximum splendor as if it were the last.

Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spend together that matters.

We will wait for you."